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Growing Together

Individual Therapy

Reflecting in the Meadow

Individual Sessions:

A primary purpose of therapy is to assist the individual with knowing the Self: the intrinsic goodness, wisdom and strength found within. During your individual sessions, you'll be provided a safe and caring environment to explore your feelings, beliefs and behaviors. Sessions may include identifying aspects of your life and relationships that you may like to better understand and work to shift. You may also want work to increase your self-confidence and self knowledge or your ability to manage feelings of anxiety or sadness. Whatever your aim, we will work together, with a strong sense of compassion, to help you bring about the change you desire. 

Parent Focused Individual Sessions:

"Please put your oxygen mask on yourself before helping those around you." You hear this on a plane before take off but is also a great analogy for parenting. Individual, parenting-focused sessions allow us to see our child as a guru, a little guide pushing us towards encountering deeper, often unknown parts of ourselves. The parenting journey is often difficult, but, if we are willing, we may find ourselves just as much the student as the teacher in those relationships. Additionally, when we've increased your understanding of your relationships with your children, we'll work to help you develop parenting tools and strategies that feel more grounded, intentional and effective. 

Parent Coaching

Mother and Daughter Hugging

When it comes to parenting, do you feel like you've tried everything and you don't know why things haven't improved? During parent coaching sessions, you will be offered specific answers to your specific parenting struggles including developing practical and effective tools to help address you and your child's individual needs. Whether it's tantrums, bedtime issues, chore wars, power struggles, sibling rivalry, whining and more, these engaging, eye-opening sessions are designed to help bring about significant positive change into your home.

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