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Background and Experience

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I have worked for over 15 years in multiple settings including non-profit agencies, public schools, home settings and private practice, providing individual adults as well as children and their families compassionate support coupled with real-life tools and strategies to help them when they are in need. 

For the last seven years, I have worked in private practice nearly exclusively with individual adults and parents.

With adult individuals, clients I've been serving are striving learn how to better understand themselves, heal past and current hurts, build healthy relationships and discover their authentic selves. Generally, clients in my practice are working to identify and overcome the emotional hurdles that have been holding them back from living the life they have always wanted. 

I also have extensive experiences utilizing positive parenting approaches in working with parents to support the well-being and functioning of their children. Some of these children have experienced significant traumas and losses while others may not have experienced major trauma but may be, nonetheless, struggling to manage their emotions and behaviors during a particular developmental phase or transitional period. Out of years of research combined with my work with families, I have developed a program called the Four Pillars of Parenting. These four pillars are Connection, Structure, Empowerment and Self. Using these pillars as a guide, I have helped hundreds of families find their way to happier and healthier relationships. Parents consistently report that the pillars have allowed them to find great joy in parenting their children, something they previously weren't sure they would ever experience on a consistent basis. 

In my work, I may employ components of ​Compassionate-Based Mindfulness, Attachment-Based Therapy, Inner Child Work, and Somatic Therapy. I utilize these approaches in order to help individuals explore the experiences that shaped them and the impacts these experiences have had. Work in these modalities also helps individuals foster a new, more compassionate relationship with themselves and others.

As both a mother as well as a therapist, I bring to this work immense compassion and understanding as well as expertise around navigating the complexities both within ourselves and within our relationships. Life and relationships holds the all the extremes; immense joy and profound love as well as overwhelming frustration and emotional struggle. I am incredibly grateful to be able to offer support to individuals and families as they navigate the huge ups and downs of this complex journey.

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