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Growing Together

Helping individuals and families feel calm, confident and connected.

Individual Sessions:

Respect, compassion and empathy are the cornerstones of my counseling practice. In sessions, I will create a safe environment where you can explore your experiences and how they have shaped you, learn to understand yourself, your thoughts, feelings and your needs and examine your relationships with others so that you can, if you wish, nurture and deepen those relationships. Most importantly, you'll learn to view yourself through a more compassionate lens, building a calmer and more joyful inner experience and a more confident and caring self-view.

Parent Focussed Sessions:

Parenting is a tough job, full of joys, challenges, trials and triumphs. In parent coaching sessions, we will work together to identify and then address your family's specific needs. You will be offered non-judgmental support and tried and tested strategies and mindsets so that you can experience calmer and more connected relationships with your children. You will also learn to empower your child in becoming more caring, capable, confident, responsible and independent. 


*Sasha Rosenfels is a licensed mental health therapist in Oregon. Sasha can coach clients in any state but can provide individual therapy in Oregon only.


Sasha has been awarded ACORN  certification. This certification is given when a clinician demonstrates outcomes that meet or exceed the benchmarks for effectiveness. ACORN's stated mission focuses on improving quality, outcomes and value in behavioral health care.

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